Rage is a non-narrative, experimental film which aims to explore the theme of internal rage, the inner rage that a person feels at seeing or hearing injustice. The motivation behind the film was the brutal murder of young, black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, murdered by a gang of white youths in 1994, while waiting at a bus stop. But what essentially precipitated the making of the film were the two subsequent botched police prosecutions, and the failure of the authorities to bring anyone to justice. Shot in one day in the main town centre in Lewisham, a borough close to the murder scene, using actors and members of the public, a silent voice is heard. With its eclectic use of sound and vision, different film speeds and layers of sound, and featuring “If We Must Die”, the Pulitzer Prize winning poem by Claude McKay, bellowed with passion by actor, Jason Rose, we succeed in conjuring up the emotion of rage without ever becoming angry.

Featuring: Roy Lee, Penny McGhie, Tippi Maravala, Stewart Wickham, Aamar Butt, Jason Rose, KHK & Chimpsta, Captain Wakers, Jim & the 2 Schoolgirls (unknown).

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  • Rage

    A short experimental film made in response to the senseless murder of young black student, Stephen Lawrence.

  • Rage clip

    A sneak peek at Rage.